Process Method


The production of beer in the Novosad Brewery adheres to traditional methods of beer brewing, which have been known for centuries. Beer is brewed from four basic ingredients – from barely malt, hops, water and brewery yeast, the latter being added after brewing into the fermentation tanks. We do not add any additives in our beer, thus it contains no preservatives, flavourings, colourings, foaming agents or thinners. We neither filter nor pasteurize our beer, so we have every right to say:


Production method:

Postup výroby

The manufacturing process is as follows: barely malt is ground in a grinding machine and poured in a brewing cauldron containing warm water of 36 °C. The water with ground malt is then warmed up with hot water. When the temperature reaches 51 °C, the proteins contained in the malt are split. Following this stage, one third of the mixture is transferred into warmed-up draining tank and the remaining contents are further mashed (sugars are split). Afterwards the mash is brought to boil and gradually transferred to the draining tank. The temperature in the tank is levelled on 78 °C. After stabilization, the mixture is called malt extract. It is then drained, the solid part of the extracted malt (the spent grains) is separated from the pure malt extract. The spent grains are then sprayed with hot water and the resulting mixture is again mixed with barley extract. This process is repeated twice, there is always draining afterwards. The extracted malt is then removed from the draining tank by means of a channel and is not treated further. However, even after extracting the malt is rich in nutrients and it may be used to feed cattle, fish or forest animals. In the old days malt was even used to bake pastry.

The drained malt extract that is rich in extracted sugar and protein is then brought to boil and hops are put in. The added hops act as a natural preservative and provide the characteristic taste and aroma. During brewing, hops are added four times. The malt extract with hops is boiled for approximately 90 minutes, the resulting solution is called hopped wort.

After this process is finished, the wort is transferred into a centrifuge where we let the precipitated proteins with hops spin to the centre of the container. After leaving to stand for 30 minutes the cleared wort is drawn into a cooler, out of which the cool wort is poured into fermenting tanks. Brewery yeast cultures are then added into the tanks changing sugar into alcohol (10°C) till the requires fermentation level of 70 % is reached. When the required value is reached, the young beer is cooled to 2-3 °C, the yeast sinks to the bottom of the tank and the green beer is transferred into lager tanks, where it matures for approximately 70 days. After maturing the beer is ready and may be transferred into pressurized tanks, from which it goes into barrels, is bottled, or goes straight to the brewery restaurant.