Selection from Standard and Comfort rooms

There are 49 beds ready for your stay in two different quality categories.

Standard pokoj

Standard Room

There are 1 double-bed rooms, 4 three-bed rooms and 3 other family rooms with four beds in this category. These rooms are equipped with clean beds, a wardrobe, a table with chairs and with a sink with mirrors. Toilets and showers can be found in the hallway and they are shared by all other visitors in Standard rooms. Men's toilets are on one side of the hallway, woman’s toilets are at the other side.


Comfort pokoj

Comfort room

There are 7 double-bed and 3 three-bed rooms in this category. Every room has its own private toilet and shower on top of all the other accessories that can be found in the standard rooms. These rooms are unfortunately not able to accommodate your pets.


Hotel facilities

All the guests of our hotel are also enabled to use the equipment of our hotel kitchen and dinning room. The kitchen is equipped by a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave and some basic tableware. The dinning room then has seats for more than 30 people and a satellite TV. You can also order breakfasts at the micro-brewery restaurant.