About Beer Spa

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This unique curative spa therapy will bring you a pleasant experience with rejuvenating effects!

The beer bath procedure is prepared in a rehabilitative tub filled with natural untreated mountain water (36°C) mixed with 5 litres of light and 5 litres of dark unfiltered non-pasteurised yeast beer, combined with crushed hops.

The yeast present in the beer will then provide a whole range of vitamins B that help regenerate skin.

Pure, fresh mountain water from a 150 year old spring is used in combination with the perfect ratio of brewer's yeast, creating multiple natural carbon dioxide bubbles that cling to the skin, gently soothing your body, enabling effective relaxation in the slightly sparkling bath. To increase the effect of the bath and enhance the enjoyment of the relaxation, the guest are served a glass of our unique unfiltered non-pasteurised beer containing live yeast cultures, which positively influence the whole digestive system. Therefore the therapy has both internal and external benefits for your body. After the bath, the guest lies down on a bed in the relaxing room wrapped in a bed sheet and a microfiber blanket. Dimmed lights and pleasant music then bring about the phase of the unwinding of the organism. A large number of salt lamps is placed all over the premises, releasing iodine a other beneficial substances, which simulate seaside environment. The warmed-up body finishes the sweating phase, the heart rate goes gradually down, there is a slow decrease of blood pressure, relaxation of muscles and renewal of the body's energy flow.

The cleansed, rejuvenated skin readily absorbs the beneficial, effective substances that cling to the skin after the bath, entering through the pores under the epidermis. The unwinding of the body is reflected in the unwinding of the mind and the relaxed body lets the mind to wander and release a flow of positive thoughts and energy.

After the beer bath and total warming up of the body, a massage according to your wish is advisable.

On the other hand, beer bath therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, after heart operations or in case of open skin conditions.

We offer

Beer bath
bathtub for one person

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and 2x glasses of beer during therapy


Lovestory double bathtub for two persons

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and 2x glass of beer during therapy for each person


Lovestory Privat double bathtub for two persons

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and glass of beer during therapy for each person

Absolute privacy in a room


back and back of neck
for one person

Massage - back and back of neck or legs from both sides + massage of soles

It is possible to order more twenty-minutes massages

20 min

a selection of more kinds

Is there anyone around you who you would like to present with an original gift and an unforgettable experience at the same time? Beer bath therapy might be exactly what you are looking for!