We offer

Beer bath
bathtub for one person

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and 2x glasses of beer during therapy


double bathtub for two persons

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and 2x glass of beer during therapy for each person


Lovestory Privat
double bathtub for two persons

30 min bath, 30 min relaxation and 2x glass of beer during therapy for each person

Absolute privacy in a separate room


back and back of neck
for one person

Massage - back and back of neck or legs from both sides + massage of soles

It is possible to order more twenty-minutes massages

20 min

a selection of more kinds

Is there anyone around you who you would like to present with an original gift and an unforgettable experience at the same time? Beer bath therapy might be exactly what you are looking for!


About the Procedure

With a ticket enter the beer spa and ring the bell for the attendant.

After checking your ticket, the attendant will issue a bed sheet to you and by an electromagnet (“buzzer”) will open the door to your changing room, where you put your things in a locker, have a shower and wrapped up in the bed sheet only (without a swimsuit) enter the premises of the spa.

The attendant will lead you to the prepared bathtub with warm mountain untreated water, pouring in 5 litres of light and 5 litres of dark unfiltered non-pasteurised beer and adding crushed hops, which act as natural antibiotics.

During the 30 minute bath you will be served a glass of beer, which is naturally also unfiltered and non-pasteurised, ”curing and treating” you from inside.

After the bath you will wrap yourself up in the sheet again and spend further 30 minutes in the relaxation room, covered in a blanket and sipping another glass of beer.

After your rest you can finish and leave via the changing room, or else enhance the care of your body and enjoy the services of our masseuses.

We hope you will enjoy our spa and can recommend our facility to your friends by saying for instance “I HAD A BEER BATH IN HARRACHOV!”



We offer our classic massage (for 300 CZK) only after a beer bath.

For the correct effect of the massage without subsequent health complications, it is important to inform us about yours health problems, before the massage.

Tumour disease, inflammation, fever, high osteoporosis, menstruation - massage is not possible.
Diabetes, high blood pressure - we need to warn us in advance from you.
Pregnancy from 4 months and 2 months after the birth - massage can be performed.



Check how it looks in our beer spa

The effects of Harrachov beer bath therapy

  • Your unwound body will enhance mental balance and equilibrium
  • You will ensure the supply of natural antibiotics to your body
  • Overall immunity and resistance of your body will be ensured
  • The final massage will literally “put you back on your feet”!
  • Toxic substances will be flushed out of your body
  • Your complexion will be softened and regenerated
  • The therapy supports the treatment of acne
  • The body will absorb vitamins and minerals
  • Your body will be detoxified
  • All your body will warm up
  • It will rejuvenate you!