The foundation of the brewery in Harrachov

Several years after the purchase of the Harrachov Glassworks, a new idea of building a minibrewery started to occur to the owner František Novosad. The glassworks did prosper, but even at that time it seemed obvious that the situation need not necessarily last forever. Therefore gradual preparations for the construction of the future minibrewery commenced on the site of the previous glassworks office and a part of the yard.

Výstavba pivovaru

9.12.1999 – Site of the future brewery

After finishing the necessary preparation works the actual construction began on 18.6.2001.

18.6.2001 – Starting the construction of the brewery 21. 6. 2001
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A month after the beginning of the construction, the ground floor was already finished and the building of the steel construction for the first floor (the site of today's brewery restaurant) commenced. At the end of the summer a steel arch which gives the building its present unconventional character was included in the construction.

19. 7. 2001 27. 8. 2001
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At the end of September hard work on covering the whole building was already under way. However, the problem was that it was raining for the whole month without a break, so it was hardly ever possible to work outside. Nevertheless, these complications are remembered with a smile nowadays.

20. 9. 2001 - Covering the building – nailing boards on the roof 15. 10. 2001 - The inscription at the front of the brewery has been made
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23. 11. 2001 - The first brewing of beer
Jaroslav Hlavátko a Libor Soukup in the photo
13. 5. 2002 - Finishing of the building
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So in the summer of 2002 Harrachov got another "attraction" which draws tourists – a private minibrewery offering tempting and delicious yeast non-filtered and non-pasteurized beer.

In the course of its short history, the small brewery succeeded in getting a number of awards including two "Gold Beer Seals" (in the years 2011 and 2012) for the first place in the absolute category among all the participating breweries at beer fest in Tábor. In both cases, the prize was awarded to the light lager František.

The Harrachov Brewery is also a holder of several more medals in the category of minibreweries and yeast beers. Moreover, the František beer was awarded the prize "Product of Liberec District of the Year 2008" and "Regional Food" of the year 2011.

Information concerning production of our minibrewery

2005 649 hl
2006 724 hl
2007 907 hl
2008 1225 hl
2009 1393 hl
2010 1127 hl
2011 1240 hl
2012 1334 hl


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