Practical information

When visiting the Glassworks Harrachov, we highly recommend to take a factory tour with our guide, who will explain all manufacturing process in English languages to you. Interpretation in English is possible for groups of 10 people or more. We have an English text available for individual visitors

During the tour, you will have a chance to get up very close to the working glassblowers and watch the complete procedure of glass processing. The excursion also includes a visit to the unique 127 year old historical glass cutting room, which is driven by transmissions and a water turbine. Almost every thing has been working in the former form and it is fully functional from 1895.

Excursions are available from Monday to Sunday, from 8:00 to 15.00 o´clock. One excursion takes 45 minutes.

After the factory tour, you may visit the biggest collection of the Harrachov glass at the Museum opposite the Glassworks. This tour is already without any expert interpretation.

If your group is larger than 10 people, we recommend you to book your tour in advance by the phone + 420 481 528 141 or email:

Price List

The admission with the Czech presentation

  • Adults 200,- CZK
  • Children and disabled 50,- CZK

Valid for children 7-17 years old. Children up to 7 years have free admittance.

The admission with a foreign language presentation

  • Adults 250,- CZK
  • Children and disabled 200,- CZK

Valid for children 7-17 years old. Children up to 7 years have free admittance.

The admission to the Museum without a guide

  • Adults 60,- CZK
  • Children and disabled30,- CZK

Valid for children 7-17 years old. Children up to 7 years have free admittance.

Admission tickets can be used as coupons. The FREE DRINK coupon; the 150,- CZK DISCOUNT COUPON and the MUSEUM coupon.

The FREE DRINK coupon may be used at the Brewery Restaurant, in the Patisserie, or its outdoor garden. You may receive a small beer František or Čerťák (0,3 l), a non-alcohol drink (Coke, Fanta, juice or water), coffee or tea in exchange for this coupon.

The 150,- CZK DISCOUNT COUPON can be used only in our Glass shop. If you purchase goods over 1 000,- CZK, you may apply this coupon and the amount of the 150,- CZK will be discounted. This discount is valid at the day of the excursion only.

The MUSEUM coupon allows you to visit the glass exposition inside our museum, without paying any additional entrance fees.

Places that you will visit during an excursion:

Information about the Glassworks history

Our guide will tell you a short history of the oldest Glassworks in the world which has been founded in 1712.


The production process

Then you will visit the glass-melting house, where you will see the equipment of our Glassworks, the melting furnaces and traditional methods of glass blowing. The guide will then take you directly inside the melting house, where you can watch the skills of our glass-makers from the immediate vicinity.

The historical cutting room

The visit of the unique historical cutting room dated 1895 is another part of the excursion. Its equipment is in its original form and fully functional.


The Water turbine with transmissions

The tour continues by a brief visit into the machinery space, where you will see the Francis´s turbine from 1937. The turbine drives all wood machine grinding by using the transmissions.

The Glass Museum

After the factory tour, you can see the biggest glass collection of Harrachov´s production with over 5 000 pieces. The ski exposition is the part of our Museum, too. You can learn about the history of skiing in Harrachov.



The Glass Shop, the Brewery Restaurant and the Beer Spa are the parts of the visiting grounds as well.


Have you ever wondered how hard it is to be a glass-blower? In our factory you can test it yourself.

  • Try to make your own one of a kind crystal glassball.
  • Our glass-blowers will guide you and assist you.
  • The product that you make will be yours to take!
  • The attraction is fit for women and children too.

Price list:

15 minutes - 2 000,- CZK (minimum time)
30 minutes - 4 000,- CZK (recommended for groups around 15-20 people)
60 minutes - 8 000,- CZK (recommended for large groups - 30 and more people)

A reservation one day in advance is necessary.

Map of the complex