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Ski muzeum

Ski muzeum

The newly built Ski Museum can be found in the terminal building at the bus station in Harrachov.

The exposition of the ski museum maps the beginnings of skiing in Harrachov, as well as activities of our local ski club. Visitors can admire ski equipment more than hundred years old, as well as ski jumping gear from 1950’s onward. A highlight of the whole exposition can then be found in the back of the room, there you will see a true copy of the 1983 World Championship trophy, a 120cm tall object of art made by the local glass makers.

Opening hours
Monday - Tuesday - Friday 14:00 - 17:00
Saturday  10:00 - 17:00

Forester and Yeger exposition Šindelka

Expozice Šindelka

The exposition Šindelka is divided into two equally interesting sections that are dedicated to the work of foresters and a yegers in our forests. The forester exposition shows the entire process of timber handling, from cutting a tree to planting a new one.

The yeger exposition in the first floor of the building then shows the work of local yegers from the early days until now. The exposition contains examples of yeger traditions, hunting trophies, weapons and a section that is dedicated to different types of dogs that are used for hunting. The biggest attraction of the whole museum is then a place called „winter deer-park“ where you will find 14 stuffed animals including: a deer, a buck, a wild boar, a rabbit and others. Altogether, you will see 32 different stuffed animals throughout the whole exposition.

Opening hours 
Tuesday - Sunday   9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00
tel.: (+420) 481 528 310

Museum of mining

Hornické muzeum

The museum of mining is another tourist attraction of the small town of Harrachov. There will be tour guide assigned to you at the entrance to the mines, who will then take you to the underground and give you a technical commentary on your 1000m long tour. 

The mining museum is open from 1.5. to 31.10.

Opening hours
(Except during summer holidays, Mondays are closed)
Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 17:00 
tel.: (+420) 602 603 739

Rack-railway Harrachov – Tanvald

Ozubnicová železnice

A historical railroad that is recognized as a national technical landmark can be also located on the grounds of Harrachov. The railroad is remarkable due to the fact that is includes the steepest part of railroad in the country. On the way from Tanvald to Harrachov, the railroad passes through a number of tunnels and bridges, which makes the journey between these two towns also a very romantic ride. During the WWII, the railroad used to serve as a vital transport road to Poland and Berlin. 

Mumlava waterfall

Mulmavské vodopády

When going to Harrachov, do not forget to visit the Mumlava waterfall. The waterfall has the biggest flow volume of water in the Giant mountains and is easily accessible from the center of Harrachov by foot or by bicycles. The Mumlava waterfall is one of the most visited places in the whole Giant mountains.

Motor-train sightseeing tours

Motorový vláček

When tired of walking around Harrachov, take a ride with a motor-train! The motor-train will drive you throughout the town center and also to the Mumlava waterfalls and famous ski jumps. The train rides are available in the summer months, several times a day.

tel.: +420 777 001 908
+420 607 930 155